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attocube Scanning Probe Microscope for the PPMS

Scanning Probe Microscope

attocube SPM for the PPMS®

Quantum Design and attocube Systems are proud to announce the PPMS SPM – the only Scanning Probe Microscopes certified and endorsed by Quantum Design for use in its respected Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS). The ultra-compact, high resolution PPMS SPM uses advanced technologies such as low temperature compatible objectives for confocal microscopy or a fiber-optical interferometer for force microscopy with outstanding signal-to-noise force detection.

The rugged housing construction is made from highest quality Titanium, ensuring maximum stability and minimum sample drift during variation of temperature and/or magnetic field. The patented driving technology of the coarse positioning system provides a precise and reliable sample approach and positioning in three axes with nanometer precision over several millimeters range. Plus, the instrument is fully compatible with commercially available AFM/MFM cantilevers.

PPMS SPM Features

  • Unrivaled performance in the PPMS environment
  • Robust mechanical and electrical design
  • Compatible with the PPMS operating range
    • Temperature: 1.8 K – 300 K
    • Field: ± 16 T
  • Patented positioner technology
  • MFM resolution: Below 20 nm
  • Positioning range: 3 × 3 mm2
  • Scanning range: 15 × 15 μm2
MFM image of NiFe Pads yielding a spatial resolution of 10.7 nm.
MFM image of NiFe Pads yielding a spatial resolution of 10.7 nm.
Vortex lattice in Bi-2212 at 4.1 K and 45 Gauss.
Vortex lattice in Bi-2212 at 4.1 K and 45 Gauss.
Magnetic phase image of perpendicular hard drive media.
Magnetic phase image of perpendicular hard drive media.

Microscopy Options

  • Low Temperature Atomic/Magnetic Force Microscope (attoAFM/MFM Ixs):  Ultra-stable and compact atomic/magnetic force microscope designed particularly for applications at low and ultra-low temperatures. AFM works by scanning a sample below a fixed cantilever while measuring its deflection with the highest precision using a fiber-based optical interferometer. Combined with the ASC500 SPM controller, both contact and noncontact modes are available, making the attoAFM/MFM Ixs a powerful tool for topographic measurements, force spectroscopy and other imaging modes. MFM works by scanning a sample below a fixed magnetic cantilever. The magnetic force gradient acting on the tip is then determined by measuring the change in resonance frequency (FM mode) or phase of the cantilever (AM mode) with highest precision using a fiber-based optical interferometer.
  • Low Temperature Confocal Microscope (attoCFM Ixs):  Ultra-stable and compact confocal microscope developed to offer the highest flexibility combined with maximum mechanical stability for low temperature confocal microscopy experiments. Can be ordered with either free-beam or fiber-based optics. With free-beam optics, excitation and collection ports are completely independent, allowing the introduction of further optical components (e.g. filter or polarizer) and enabling measurements such as Raman spectroscopy. The fiber-based setup is designed for the highest mechanical stability, allowing single quantum dot measurements over a time span of several weeks and operation in cryogen-free cryostats.
  • Low Temperature Raman Microscope (attoRAMANxs):  Ultra-stable and compact Raman microscope based on free-beam confocal microscope for maximum flexibility and ultra-high resolution optical micro-spectroscopy.

PPMS Compatibility Chart

SPM PPMS Compatibility Chart


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