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das-Nano Onyx - Graphene and 2D Materials Characterization

Graphene and 2D Materials Characterization

das-Nano Onyx

Das-Nano's Onyx system uses Terahertz technology to quickly characterize the homogeneity, sheet conductance, sheet resistance, carrier scattering time, carrier density, and carrier mobility of 2D materials, all with a single non-destructive measurement. Terahertz waves have the ability to penetrate through most dielectric materials and many materials present identifiable "fingerprints" at THz frequencies that may allow for identification and quantification of materials. Also, due to its low photon energy, it does not cause ionization, so it is completely safe and does not modify the inspected item.

Onyx is useful with a great variety of materials such as graphene (of various forms), PEDOT, carbon nanotubes, GaN, and spin coated photo-resins, among others. Onyx is a unique device on the market in that it covers the gap left by macro and micro-scale characterization systems, combining high speeds and spatial resolution on the order of a few hundred microns all in the same instrument.


  • Uniformity and Homogeneity Inspection
  • Electrical Conductance and Resistance
  • Electrical Mobility and Carrier Density
  • Sample Sizes from 1mm2 to 200mm2
  • Non-Destructive Analysis
  • Ultra-Fast Characterization: 12cm2/min
  • No Need for Sample Preparation
  • 3-Axis Automatic Positioning

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das-Nano Onyx

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Webinar – Non-Destructive Electrical and Physical Characterization with THz-Waves using Onyx

Graphene and 2D Materials Inspection


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