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2-Mirror Floating Zone Crystal Furnace – Quantum Design IR Image Furnace

2-Mirror Floating Zone Crystal Furnace

Quantum Design IR Image Furnace

The high-performance, compact IR Image Furnace from Quantum Design offers unsurpassed performance in a convenient, stand-alone design. Rivaling much larger and more costly IR furnaces, it uses the Floating Zone (FZ) method to promote single crystal growth from a polycrystalline rod. This method has been shown to be extremely effective for a wide class of materials. Now, more easily than ever before, you have the ability to synthesize superior quality single crystal specimens in your own laboratory.


Crystallized material in 2-mirror Quantum Design IR Image Furnace

Crystallized material in 2-mirror furnace

  • Unsurpassed Performance in a Convenient, Stand-Alone Design
  • 2100° Celsius Temperature in Floating Zone Region
  • Excellent IR Power Stability
  • No External Cooling Requirements

IR Image Furnace is Capable of Growing:

  • High Temperature Superconductors
  • Dielectrics and Magnetic Materials
  • Intermetallics
  • Metal Compounds
  • Semiconductors
  • Optical Crystals
  • Precious Stones


Operational Process of IR Image Furnace


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