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Optical Laser Tweezers – Aresis TWEEZ

Optical Laser Tweezers

Aresis TWEEZ

Tweez is a complete turn-key laser tweezers system. Designed to fit Nikon Ti and Ti2 series microscopes, it combines powerful laser tweezing manipulation capabilities with microscopy techniques delivered by the microscope. Tweez is designed for zero maintenance and to let you focus on your application. Based on acousto-optic (AO) laser beam deflection technology, Tweez enables you to create complex trapping patterns. Manipulation of trapped objects is possible through flexible control of trapping sites with unprecedented positional and time accuracy. Tweez AO laser beam steering is the only technology capable of sub-nanometer optical trap positioning and trap-to-trap switching rates of up to 100 kHz.

Designed to serve a variety of applications, Tweez finds its use ranging from physics to biology, from fundamental research to industrial applications. The precision and ease-of-use let you maintain the focus on your project.


  • A complete turn-key laser tweezers system
  • Compatible with Nikon Ti and Ti2 series microscopes
  • Support for multiple force measurement techniques
  • Superior trap position and intensity accuracy
  • Ultra-stable and compact mechanical design
  • User friendly open architecture software control system

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Aresis Tweez

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