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MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometers

Vibrating Sample Magnetometers

MicroSense EZ VSMs

MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (EZ VSMs) are the easiest to use and most sensitive vibrating sample magnetometers available. MicroSense EZ VSMs are suitable for measuring samples with a very low coercivity as well as samples with high coercivities. The unrivaled real-time field control system makes measurements possible on samples that cannot be measured in other commercial electromagnet-based VSMs. All MicroSense EZ VSMs use an ultra-low noise air-cooled magnet power supply which is more energy efficient, safer and more reliable than most water cooled power supply designs.


  • 0.75 x 10-7 emu (75 nemu) noise at room temperature
  • 5 x 10-7 emu noise at temperature is at least 2.5 times lower than noise of competing systems
  • 10 mm ID of continuous range temperature chamber allows for larger samples and 2.5 times more signal than competing 7.1 mm ID or smaller temperature chambers
  • <2.5 times lower noise and the larger sample space of MicroSense VSMs offer <6x higher Signal to Noise Ratio than competing VSMs (when used with temperature option)
  • Fields to <3.2 tesla; fields <2.8 tesla with medium sized EZ9; <2.2 tesla with EZ9 and temperature option
  • Lowest field noise: less than 5 mOe RMS is <10 times lower than the field noise of competing systems
  • Temperature options from 4.2 K to 1050 K
  • Automatic Sample Rotation is standard
  • Vector option with 5 x 10-7 emu noise is 10 times more sensitive than competing systems and EZ9 system with vector option in place can achieve a maximum field of 2.25 tesla, which is 1 tesla higher than some similar sized systems
  • 4 systems in one: VSM, Torque, Magneto Resistance and MOKE
  • Fast and Easy to use with oven/cryostat always installed on the measurement system and ready for use
  • Air-cooled magnet power supply
  • Space saving, flexible design with all components mounted on wheels for easy lab reconfiguration

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