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Quantum Education Kits – qutools

Quantum Education Kits

qutools quED, quNV and Quantenkoffer Physics Science Kit

qutools develops, manufactures and distributes quantum information products, which include: entangled photon sources, quantum random number generators, quantum cryptography systems and a line of quantum education kits. Most of the products have been developed and/or tested in the quantum information research labs of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. It is the aim of qutools to continue developing new tools to help the next generation of quantum information scientists.



quED Entanglement Demonstrator – A Science Kit for Quantum Physics

quED Entanglement Demonstrator by qutools

qutools' Entanglement Demonstrator is designed for educational purposes. The easy-to-use system demonstrates and helps explain the complex phenomena of quantum mechanics. The quED fits on any lab desk and can be set up in minutes. Models are available with various add-ons and in a range of complexity, up to advanced models with high performance meeting the requirements of state-of-the-art physics experiments.


  • Hands-on study of quantum entanglement
  • Compact design, user-friendly operation
  • Complete system: Can demonstrate the violation of Bell's inequality
  • High performance: Entanglement verification in only a few seconds
  • Optional: Add-ons to extend the number of experiments


  • quED-MI Michelson Interferometer
  • quED-HBT Hanbury Brown Twiss Add-On
  • quED-HOM Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect
  • quED-QKD Quantum Cryptography

quED Datasheet

quED Brochure

quNV Quantum Sensing by Diamond Magnetometer Based on NV Centers

quNV Quantum Sensing Diamond Magnetometer by qutools

This quNV diamond magnetometer will introduce students to the concepts of quantum sensing. The design of the quNV demonstrates quantum sensing in a simple and user-friendly system for student lab courses at colleges and universities.

The core of the quNV is a HPHT diamond with a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center. The NV center can be excited by light in the green spectrum. The excited state decays back to the ground state either directly or via an intermediate shelving state with different fluorescence intensity. The decay path depends on the electron spin of the NV center. Thus, the electron spin can be read out optically.

The electron spin can be manipulated further by microwave radiation. By applying magnetic and electric fields, the energy levels of the spins can be shifted. Using these methods, a vast number of experiments and measurement applications are possible.


  • Probe: HPHT Diamond
  • Excitation: 520 nm CW Diode Laser
  • Microwave: 4 GHz RF Sweep Generator
  • Detection: Photodiode, Control & Read-Out Unit

quNV Datasheet

Quantenkoffer – A Quantum Physics Science Kit

Quantenkoffer – A Quantum Physics Science Kit by qutools

The Quantenkoffer is a quantum physics science kit for a wide range of quantum physics experiments from the last 100 years. Its flexibility with regard to generation and detection of visible laser light, single photons and even entangled pairs is a key feature. Optical elements, mechanical components and digital circuits are all integrated to cover a range of experiments and topics within quantum physics.


  • Source for single photons and entangled photon pairs
  • Single photon detectors
  • Picosecond time resolution
  • Variety of optical tokens
  • Intuitive operating concept
  • Robust and safe

Quantenkoffer Brochure


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