Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace

Tetra Arc Furnace for Crystal Growth

Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace - electrodes in chamber

Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace - Pellet

Manufactured by GES Corporation, this tetra arc crystal furnace uses the Czochralski pulling method and four electric arcs to grow a wide range of metallic-conductive materials such as metallic compounds and high-temperature superconductors. Achieving a 10-6 Torr vacuum within an hour, and using four electric arcs to heat materials up to 3000° C, this furnace provides easy operation and real time monitoring of the crystallization process via CCD camera and four monitoring windows.

Features of the GES Tetra Arc Furnace:

Tetra Arc Furnace is Capable of Growing:


Tetra Arc Crystal Furnace Brochure

Single-Crystal Growth of f-Electron Intermetallics in a Tetra-Arc Czochralski Furnace:  A paper summarizing the benefits and crystal growth process of the GES Tetra Arc Furnace – M. Szlawska and D. Kaczorowski, ACTA Physica Polonica A, Vol. 124, Page 336 (2013).